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My Makaton journey started when I had my son Alfie back in 2014.

Alfie has DS (Down Syndrome) as he was born with an extra chromosome.  I conducted lots of research into language programmes to assist and enhance communication and discovered the amazing world of Makaton!


I started with 'Makaton Signing for Babies' & then progressed onto Mr Tumble, Dave Benson Philips and the fabulous  Signing Hands. 

My passion for Makaton was ignited as I saw first hand the fantastic effect it had on Alfie.  Enabling him to have a voice and to relieving his frustrations caused by lack of verbal communication skills.  It made him included within his school, able to communicate with staff and his peers.  It really bought his speech development on.  

This then lead to me deciding that I wanted to progress further with Makaton so signed up to do my Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Workshops.

The next natural step for me was to do my Makaton Tutor Training, which I successfully completed in September 2022.  I want to enable as many people across as many settings & environments as possible to be able to

'Talk Makaton'

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